Help widows of fallen tower workers
Your participation will help Hubble Foundation to provide essential items when a climber, typically the family's breadwinner, dies. Hubble Foundation ensures that widows have funds for bills, funeral expenses, food, and clildren's clothing, and also provides advocacy, emotional support, and comfort boxes.

Help children of fallen tower workers
Your participation will help Hubble Foundation ensure that children of fallen tower workers are given the opportunity to attend college, sports camps, summer camps, church trips, and other events they might not otherwise be able to attend. Children should not be forced to lose their childhood when a parent dies. Hubble Foundation scholarships help propel the children forward into areas where they can thrive.

Help prevent needless tower worker deaths
Your participation will help support Hubble Foundation's advocacy for the safety and wellbeing of climbers, and to ensure that they have a voice with OSHA, the FCC, and other organizations through Hubble Foundation's participation in conferences, meetings, and academic research.

Have a wonderful day to make it all happen
Take today - relax and enjoy the golf at Woodmont - and KNOW that you are making an impact on the lives of so many! Hubble Foundation's work is made possible by the climbers, telecom companies, and wireless associations who understand the devastating loss of a loved one in our industry.

Please contact Dr. Hester at bridgette@hubblefoundation.org for more information